Please note that we simply provide the platform that connects users (such as you) with Service Providers and allows them to be introduced. We do not, ourselves, provide any domestic services or other services of the type listed on the Site as being provided by Service Providers and any contract for the provision of those services is between you and the relevant Service Provider (and not us). It is up to the relevant Service Provider to perform any services you request through Chores & Paws International (and, if requested by you, to provide any cleaning materials, products or appliances required) and you agree to comply with any terms of service that apply between you and the relevant Service Provider.

We do not employ Service Providers and, unless otherwise specified in these terms of use, we are not responsible for (and make no representations, warranties or guarantees as to) the behaviour, acts or omissions of any Service Providers you engage through Chores & Paws International, or the quality, direct and indirect damages associated or a consequence of the services they provide.

If you have a complaint in relation to the services provided by a Service Provider, that complaint must be taken up with the Service Provider directly. If you are unable to resolve a dispute with a Service Provider or you cannot come to an agreement with a Service Provider, please contact us and we will use our reasonable endeavours to try to resolve the dispute.

We do take reasonable measures to ensure the suitability and quality of the Service Providers, including, without limitation, conducting interviews, obtaining proof of identity and address and obtaining references. However, you acknowledge that, in carrying out any checks, covering personal identity and professional qualification, as well as working rights and fiscal compliance, we may be reliant on information supplied by third parties and we cannot guarantee that such information is accurate. We also cannot guarantee that any particular Service Provider is suitable for your purposes and you use Service Providers at your own risk, although we may remove a Service Provider from Chores & Paws International on the basis of any feedback you or other users provide in relation to that Service Provider if we deem it appropriate, but are under no obligation to do so.

Registration and security

Use of, and access to, certain parts of Chores & Paws International may require you to register with us. If you wish to register, you must complete all of the fields on the registration page.

You must not create your own Chores & Paws International account using an email address other than your own or one that you are permitted to use and, if you know or suspect that someone other than you has successfully registered to use Chores & Paws International using your email address, you must notify us immediately contact@choresandpawsintl.com.

If you choose, or you are provided with, a username, password or any other piece of information as part of our security procedures, you must treat such information as confidential and must not disclose it to any third party or allow any third party to use or access your account. We have the right to disable any username or password, whether chosen by you or allocated by us, at any time if, in our reasonable opinion, you have failed to comply with any of the provisions of these terms of use.

You may not authorise others to access Chores & Paws International using your username and password and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. If you know or suspect that anyone other than you knows your username or password, you must promptly notify us at contact@choresandpawsintl.com and change your password.

You are responsible for all acts and omissions of any third parties who use your username or password to access Chores & Paws International, whether fraudulently or not, and you agree to reimburse us on demand for any loss we suffer as a result of such use.

Pricing and payment

Our pricing policy is set out on the Site and can be accessed here. We reserve the right to make changes to our pricing policy at any time, although we will notify you by email at least one week before any such changes take effect. If you do not agree to any such changes, you should stop using Chores & Paws International and (if applicable) delete the App from your Mobile Device.

When you first request the services of a Service Provider, you will be asked to provide us with valid credit or debit card payment details to pay for the services you request through Chores & Paws International. We will store your card details for such purpose and you agree that we may undertake authorisation checks on that card (including when you use Chores & Paws International to request the services of a Service Provider).

If you request the services of a Service Provider for an ASAP-CLEAN, same day one-off visit, payment will be taken automatically and processed by our third party payment service provider in advance of the visit using the card details previously provided by you. As these ASAP-CLEAN same day service are requested for immediate execution, after you confirm your Professional Cleaner selection, address for cleaning and number of requested hours, due to the immediate response, payments are not refundable for any reason after confirmation. Exceptions will be handled in and ad hoc mode, in case the Professional Cleaner confirms last minute issues preventing the arrival or execution of the contracted services. Your payment will be processed automatically after your confirmation and payment using Chores & Paws International If you request the services of a Service Provider on a repeat basis with the Schedule option in the App, your payment will be executed also before the cleaning services are started, but may be cancelled with a minimum of 48 (fourty eight) hours notice before the scheduled date and time.

The amount you will pay will comprise: (i) a fee due to the Service Provider based on the duration of the visit(s) (i.e. the number of hours worked); and (ii) a service fee due to us as stated on the invoice you receive and calculated by reference to the number of hours (or part thereof) worked by the Service Provider. We collect the fee due to the Service Provider as agent for, and on behalf of, the Service Provider.

If any amount due from you remains unpaid, we reserve the right: (i) to charge reasonable administration costs; (ii) to charge interest (both before and after judgment) on the outstanding amount at the rate applicable to judgment debts under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998; (iii) to arrange for any further bookings made by you to be suspended; and/or (iv) to take such other action as we deem appropriate, including, without limitation, immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use Chores & Paws International.

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