How the App Works

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Step - 1

  • Register an account with us.
  • Fill your Details.
  • Click on customer to proceed next.

Step - 2

  • Select the category "Home Services" or "Pet Services"
  • Then Choose the sub-category for e.g.
    "Regular Cleaning" or "Dog Walking" etc...
  • Please select the time and day slots on the calendar.
  • To book an ASAP clean the word
    ASAP will appear under your chosen
    category for example under Regular
    Clean you will see the word ASAP in grey


Step - 3

  • payment will be taken by credit/debit card at the same time as the booking for the first appointment only, all subsequent bookings will need to be paid upon invoice, generated automatically by the app
  • One of our associates will contact you for appointment.

Common Questions

See some common questions and answers below or call us on 0203 970 4449

Q What are your business hours?

A Our App is open 24/7 but our customer service phone line is 9:00am to 18:00 Monday to Friday and 11am to 15:00 on Saturday but closed on a Sunday.

Q Do you offer a deep clean or end of tenancy cleaning?

A We do offer a deep clean usually booked as a one off service but you will need to supply your own products, materials and appliances as most of our cleaners/housekeepers travel to work by foot or public transport.
For deep cleaning we advise booking 1 hour per room as opposed to a regular clean which is normally 30 minutes per room.
Strictly speaking we don't offer end of tenancy cleaning as we do not have the specialist equipment needed for this service, but there will be business service providers on the app that will advertise this service.

Q Can my cleaner/housekeeper clean whilst I'm not at home?

A All our cleaners and housekeepers have been vetted to a high standard with ID verification, referencing and a face to face interview plus nearly all have a DBS certificate, we don't stop there as we look also beyond the formalities, our whole team have also been selected on their likeability factor and personality.
If you have booked a one off clean or recurring cleans they can be given and trusted with your key or you can simply place it in a safe place and add the details in "Additional Notes" as it is a secure platform that only you and your service provider can see.

Q Can I get a full refund?

A If you cancel your booking within 24 hours you can claim a full refund or if your service provider cancels your appointment a full refund is automatically credited to you.

Q Can my cleaner/housekeeper still work in lockdown?

A The government has set out specific guidelines that state cleaners/housekeepers are allowed to work in peoples homes in all 'COVID alert' levels.
Our service providers will need to keep 2 meters of social distancing and wear a face mask. A clean home helps to keep the virus at bay.

Q Are you insured?

A Although we do have an insurance policy, this exists to cover extreme cases such as fire or serious injury, and does not cover damage. Please note you will be required to pay a minimum excess of £500 for claims on this policy.
Our insurance does cover any animal under our care that belongs to a customer regarding injury, loss or death up to £5,000 per animal, however we cannot be responsible for existing illnesses or disabilities prior to our service.
If a service provider damages your property you must notify us within 36 hours of the damage occuring and we will require photographic evidence and receipts relating to value, although our insurance doesn't cover damage we will thoroughly investigate the matter and raise the concern with your service provider.

Q Is there anything my cleaner/housekeeper
CAN'T do?

A For safety reasons:

- Clean exterior windows
- Be expected to climb ladders or reach areas that are out of reach
- Clean heavily soiled areas that might contain human bodily fluids or waste from animals e,g. cat litter
- Do gardening or landscaping
- Participate in any activity related to pest control or substances related to it
- Be left unattended with a minor as they cannot be held responsible for your child's well being
- Lift heavy items or objects
Q During a dog walk can my dog walker take my dog to the vet or dog groomer?

A Yes, your walker is permitted to take your dog with your permission to a pre booked vet appointment or groomer, but please allow extra time if you need to include our walker waiting for your dog's appointment to finish.

Q What is the protocol if my dog is injured?

A When you register for dog walking you will need to provide details of your vet that our walker can always refer to.
By registering with us it is assumed you have given your dog walker permission to take your dog immediately to your chosen vet or in the case of a serious injury any vet that has immediate availability and is closeby.
If your dog has a minor injury most of our dog walkers have a certificate in Canine First Aid and will assess the situation and call you immediately and they will follow your instruction or if they cannot contact you they will make a judgment on whether veterinary action is required.
If your dog is seriously injured your walker will immediately call/take your dog to your nominated vet or any vet closeby and call you on route as in this situation prompt action is required and there may not be time to call you first.

Q What COVID safety measures can I expect?

A Your service provider will need to keep 2 meters of social distancing, they will also need to wear a face mask/covering and gloves. Your safety is paramount.

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