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Chores & Paws International offers a quality, Dog walking London expert service (although we will be expanding to other areas soon). We’ve had over 5 years experience. We specialise in one-to-one dog walking or up to 3 dogs from the same household. Our aim is to, make the walks interesting for all dogs. When your best friend is under our care and supervision, they do plenty of activities that are not only good for their bodies but for their brains too. As we only do one-to-one walking your dog or puppy will receive the handlers full attention and they will work with you so that we can continue with simple commands of obedience training or specific toys you would like your dog to use, it is important that your dog handler has a close connection with you so that your dog handler can fulfil all your expectations.

So even though we offer one-to-one - SHOULD SAY ONE

Don't think that our service is only beneficial for the physical health of your dog or puppy. From the moment you choose your desired dog walker he/she will immediately set out a plan with you to maximise the full benefits of their time spent together whether it be in a park or an urban space. When your dog or puppy is out in green spaces regularly, they hear, smell, feel, all of their senses are stimulated. They meet other dogs, animals and people, which allow them to socialise.
As a human, we might think all these things are not that important for pets, but they are. Socialisation is extremely important for dogs and it must start from a puppy. All our dog handlers are proficient in socialisation, so even though we offer one-to-ne walking socialisation is never compromised as we know how important this is for your dog or puppy’s well being.


The way it is essential for humans to exercise daily in order to maintain health, similar is the case with pets. Consistence exercise ensures pets will live longer, happier and healthier lives. According to the reports, most UK pets suffer from obesity.
There are many possibilities for this, a lot of us live in flats where space is limited, or we are so busy it’s hard to find enough time to give them the exercise they need. This is where we can help, hiring a professional dog walker can give you peace of mind when you can’t be there to give your dog the exercise they need or just some TLC and company.


We’d like to explain this point in simple words that a good dog is a tired dog. When you allow your dog or puppy to go on regular walks, it helps them to release their energy. It can sometimes change their behaviour making them calmer at home. A regular walk with someone familiar to them can decrease anxiety and boredom, a happy dog is less likely to bark all day or tear up objects in your home and can prevent them getting into bad habits such as biting or snarling at other dogs or humans.


We are proud members of The Professional Dog Walking Association, it is mainly an unregulated business but the PDWA is trying to change this and we are in full support of regulation. To be a member you have to fulfil a certain criteria, 1) You must have enhanced insurance, 2) You must only walk a maximum of 3 dogs at one time and 3) You need to provide references. We abide and support these rules and that’s why we believe with these regulations and the integrity of our dog walking team we keep on getting 5 stars on Google and other top review sites.


Walking a dog is not an easy job. It can be time consuming and tiring especially as we all lead such busy lives. When you hire a dog walker from Chores and Paws Intl, all the stress and worry ends. All of our dog handlers have been vetted to a high standard, with ID verification, most of them have a DBS check and a Canine First Aid Certificate, but we don’t just stop there, they have to have the “right” personality and lifestyle for the job which is why we prefer face to face interviewing. As the CEO of Chores and Paws Intl App I want to assure you that my whole team have not been chosen just because they ticked all the boxes, but on top of this they have been selected because of their amazing personalities and their absolute love of dogs. Hiring a one-to-one dog walker means you still have total control, you decide the schedule of the dog walks, the type of walk/play your dog needs and the duration of each walk and we will manage things accordingly.

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