Cleaning is an essential part of daily life. However, it can be a hassle sometimes for which we may need some professional help. For you, Chores and Paws Intl is a reliable cleaning servicer! We have been providing all kinds of cleaning services from house cleaning to office cleaning. Not just that, we even cater to cleaning your property after any construction work. After the successful venture in London, Chores and Paws Intl brings cleaning services in Chelsea for the locals here to get the finest services ever.

With years of experience, we bring you the best services in town that too at a very reasonable wage. Our services are suitable for all types of environments, and the servicers are locals from around your city to build a better communication level. We run a number of interviews and training before finally hiring any staff, then too only the ones with the highest score are selected. The goal is to provide satisfactory services at competitive prices, be it housekeeping or cleaning.

Three Major Cleaning Services Chelsea Include The Following Facilities:

• Housekeeping: When it comes to housekeeping, everyone needs someone who is not only professional in their work but also trustworthy enough. We make sure the house help that comes to your house is very professional, not just with her work but etiquettes as well. All housekeepers are fully trained in laundry, making sure all fabrics are laundered with care and efficiency. Plus, they all have experience in wardrobe management, ironing, fridge management, making sure all expired food is disposed of as well as general cleaning.
• Domestic Cleaning: Cleaning your home is an essential part. Chores & Paws International makes sure your house is all clean and tidy before you return. We have a large number of well-trained cleaners who will handle this task skillfully, treating your house as their own, making sure everything is tidied up nicely.

Our Further Affiliated Partner Services Include:

1. Oven Cleaning: Ovens can get dirty really quickly and need a thorough cleaning from time to time. As they are an integral part of every kitchen, we provide professional oven cleaners through our affiliated partners for both domestic and commercial services.

1. End of Tenancy Cleaning: Your tenants are changing? Or are you changing to a new place? You should get the house thoroughly cleaned before moving in any case. You can hire the cleaning services, Chelsea, from Chores and Paws Intl to get the most professional team in town.

1. Window Cleaning: It is always better to get professional help in cleaning your windows. Windows go through a lot on a daily basis, so if you fail to keep them clean, the air quality inside will not stay healthy. Chores and Paws bring you this service through our affiliated partners, who are trustworthy and reputable.

1. After Builders Cleaning: Chores and Paws Intl understands how important it is to get the cleaning done after the builder’s work, especially the dust and dirt that is left behind, which is not healthy to breathe in. You can easily hire a team of professional staff from our affiliated partners through our cleaning services Chelsea.

1. Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery: We all love carpets and rugs in our offices and homes, but cleaning them could be a challenge. Chores and Paws Intl bring you the best at work professionals for cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. Our affiliated partners keep up our work ethics and maintain the highest standards to ensure a fantastic cleaning job.

Rest assured, with our immaculate professional team; you can leave your cleaning and pet tasks to us without any worries. For booking and details, please use our app and book your required services whenever needed.

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